Lien Li Assassin (2024)

Lien Li Assassin (2024)


During the Republic of China, Feng Xiao (played by Cheng Yufeng), the adopted son of a wealthy businessman, and Lin Wanxiu (played by Liu Meiqi), the adopted daughter of a warlord, were married, but they were their own masters in troubled times. They loved each other deeply but had to face each other. Conceal your identity as an assassin. As the conflict between the wealthy businessman and the warlord deepened, the two were forced to face a life-or-death situation in which a husband and wife fell in love and killed each other. However, their love for each other finally resolved the misunderstanding, allowing the two to get back together and join forces to smash a conspiracy to sell national treasures. A shocking conspiracy, they became a pair of assassins who made evil people fearful.

Other Name: 连理刺客

Released: Apr. 17, 2024



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